Odd Rumblings

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Odd Rumblings

Post by Trenna on Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:37 pm

26th Day, 4th Moon

To anyone waking at present, there appears to be something occurring. Thus far it is just rumblings but with the warnings about Her Majesties impending rescue it may be a portent to this.

~T. De'Silva


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Re: Odd Rumblings

Post by Atmos on Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:47 pm

Seems there's some magical "tear" in the main courtyard of the Outer. Everyone has been advised not to touch it...but I don't think any of us are foolish enough to need that warning.


--Copied what what's his face wrote on the Boards above--

Let all denizens of the Outer Bailey be aware that during this time, as a result of the ongoing magical efforts by His Majesty, King Auberich to free our Queen, a number of wide-ranging threats have arisen in the Castle. As a result, caution is recommended when traversing the courtyards and corridors of our home.

Denizens are advised not to linger in the outside areas of the Castle any longer than necessary, as falling hail and even stones from the Castle's walls have already caused harm to many.

Denizens are advised to be on their guard and avoid travelling alone, as we have already seen an incursion of the dangerous creatures known as sith, seemingly drawn by the magical activity.

Several "echoes" of denizens of the Castle both previous and current have been witnessed in the Inner and Outer Bailey. Sorcerers have advised that individuals refrain from actively attempting to interact with these apparitions.

Finally, though little is known of it as yet, some form of magical vortex has appeared in the main courtyard. Denizens are asked to keep well clear of it, and certainly make no attempts to touch or otherwise interact with it.

Though thus far these dangers have appeared largely limited to the Outer Bailey alone, there is still much that may change in the coming days, and likely all denizens would benefit from the wilful exercise of caution and restraint when going about their daily lives.

Those with duckcalls and Healer's whistles are asked to keep them close to hand, should the need arise.

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