Conclave Positions

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Conclave Positions

Post by Atmos on Fri Feb 20, 2015 5:28 pm

Below is a list of the current positions we've thought up as a group, along with a brief description of what they entail...and several of them are vacant...please read over the descriptions to see if any of these are a good fit for you; if they are, I'm sure the Duchess would love to speak with you about taking on the responsibilities of your position. Another option is if you would like to nominate someone else for a position you think they would excel at, please list their name and the position you’d like to nominate them for. Lastly, if you feel there are other positions that could be useful, feel free to add them as well.

Adviser - Member(s) of the Conclave that serve to lend the Duke/Duchess their thoughts or advice on matters regarding the Conclave.

Ambassador - A member of the Conclave dedicated to keeping the peace between Bailies as well as keeping up with the current events of the surface.

Cook/Pantler - Member(s) of the Conclave charged with cooking for the Conclave whether it be for buffets, balls or general get-togethers. As well as keeping stock of the kitchen inventory.

Seamstress/Tailor - Member(s) charged with helping to provide clothing for the members of the Conclave. As there are no guidelines for clothing, these members need to be learned enough to handle all orders.

Sentry (Inactive)  - Member(s) sworn to protect the Conclave who work closely with the Red Sash.

Quartermaster - Member of the Conclave tasked with keeping stock of the Conclave's wares. Each guild should elect one as they grow.

Handmaiden - A personal body-servant to the Duchess who would serve as a helper and confidant, also should be trained enough to defend the Duchess, should she require it.

Librarian - Member of the Conclave tasked with keeping inventory of the Conclaves reading materials; tomes, books, booklets and scrolls.

Secretary - Member of the Conclave charged with all correspondence with the Duke/Duchess.

Healer - Member of the Conclave designated to help aid the sick and wounded when necessary, as well as continuously studying the sciences of the Under Bailey to create antidotes when necessary.

Gardener/Horticultist/Venefice - Member(s) dedicated to the study of all plant life, both in the Under and on the surface. Also tasked with general upkeep of the plant life of the Conclave. Also may dabble in learning poisons and antidotes.

Chronicler/Archivist - Member(s) tasked with keeping the records of the history of the Conclave, they would interview involved parties of any notable events regarding the Conclave.

Merchant - Member(s) that are involved heavily in trading in order for the Conclave to prosper into a formidable ally to both of the Bailies of the surface.

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